by Alex Palmer | November 16, 2019
Incentive professionals place a high priority on selecting trips and gifts that will have the greatest impact on participants. But the rewards themselves are only part of the story. Enticing a sales­person with a trip to the Caribbean, a coveted watch or a simple gift card might miss the mark if the messaging isn't spot on.

"A secret program is not a successful program," says Richelle Taylor, vice president of strategic marketing, incentives and recognition for performance-improvement organization One10. "You want participants to get excited before the program launches -- create a buzz."

Following are seven tips that will keep the program top of mind with participants and ensure it generates the maximum impact.

Reach out in more ways than one.

"In this day and age of constant communication, people are inundated with marketing, so you must be sure to provide program communications in a variety of ways to reach your audience/demographic," says Taylor.

For example, a client in the agricultural industry mailed printed materials to product distributors, announcing the launch of the program website where participants could get product information and earn rewards for sales. One10 replicated the mailing in digital communications and email blasts to further encourage enrollment, Taylor notes, but the printed version helped cut through the clutter of email inboxes.

Cord Himelstein, vice president of marketing and communications for Halo Recognition, agrees: "There are several types of workforces and work environments out there, and it may take multiple channels to reach everyone, which is where a marketing plan can help immensely."

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