Incentive Planning Guides

Seven Incentive Program Tips Not to Be Ignored

June 08, 2018
All incentive program participants are also consumers. This fact directly affects what types of rewards they will find motivating — and how they want them presented. Here are seven current retail trends to pay attention to in order to create effective reward programs.

The Rise of the Convention Center Campus

May 03, 2018
Cities are developing vibrant, walkable neighborhoods around their convention centers that are integrating the facilities more deeply into the culture of their communities. Learn how the redevelopment of convention center districts are changing meetings and how planners, as well as attendees, are reaping the benefits.

How to Create High-Impact Team Experiences

June 09, 2017
Northstar Meetings Group presents a practical guide that will help you set up the most common forms of modern team building, and empower your team members to form the positive work relationships they need to accomplish great things.

Manage Your Incentive Budget Wisely

June 08, 2017
Incentive’s 25 Ways to Manage Your Incentive Budget Wisely offers insightful tips for getting a budget approved, spending it wisely, and protecting it when times are hard.

Reimagine All-Inclusive Meetings

June 07, 2017
With resort-within-a-resort concepts, top dining options, and a focus on health and well-being, the all-inclusive product has changed dramatically over the years. Successful Meetings looks at seven key trends that are driving changes in all-inclusive resorts

Golf Meetings for Women & Millennials

June 06, 2017
Over the last few decades, the demographics of meeting attendees have shifted away from golf's core audience, with more women in management and executive roles, and younger attendees seeking out more meaningful activities. Successful Meetings developed a 5-step strategic guide to help make golf activities more appealing and engaging for all attendees, from first-timers to avid golfers, including women and millennials.