by Joe Henry | March 01, 2019
With spring tantalizingly close, products that will help employees enjoy the temperate outdoors will prove especially motivating right now. Indeed, this is a great time for reward-worthy workers to receive some of the best camping gear available, before the mid-spring rush.
Rymax carries an array of offerings from BioLite, a New York-based startup that manufactures products for living life off the grid. For instance, there's an excellent bundle that includes the BioLite BaseCamp Wood Burning Stove ($199.95), Carrypack ($49.95) and PizzaDome Add-On ($63.41).
The Wood Burning Stove does everything its name indicates, burning twigs, kindling and logs - and it's got a really nifty bell and whistle: It converts the heat to energy that you can use to charge your phone and other electronic devices. The stove's supplied powerpack has an output of 5W and has a smart dashboard to let you monitor fire and power levels.
This thing rocks as a grill, too - with a lever that lets the flame go from grill to boiling, so you can cook all sorts of foods on it. The added Carrypack makes the BaseCamp stove extra portable, while the PizzaDome lets you cook up a wood-fired pizza.
Rymax's BaseCamp bundle isn't just for camping, it comes in handy for company off-sites as well.
If your employees are power-mad (and who isn't these days?), check out BioLite's Solar Panel 10+ ($129.95), a foldable solar panel that emits 10W of usable energy, so those you reward will never be without a charge.
For those campers who just want their food fast and with as little fuss as possible, check out the menu of goods from Jetboil, available through REI's corporate sales program. The Jetboil Flash Cooking system, for instance, boils 16 fluid ounces of water in 100 seconds, so it can be used for cooking quickly, whether making water for coffee or sterilizing creek water for potable fluids. The Jetboil uses a space-saving 100 g fuel canister that lets you use it up to 10 times.