Custom Webcast: How Gen Z and Millennials Are Reshaping Incentives

how these generations are reshaping the concept of incentives, their expectations related to rewards and the most relevant ways to incent the largest and most influential segment of the population.

Choosing the Right Incentive Reward

Thursday, May 2, 2019 2:00 p.m. ET

There are many steps to designing a successful incentive program, but if the rewards themselves are inappropriate, all the other work will have been wasted. This webcast will explore the various types of rewards — merchandise, gift cards or branded currency, travel — and describe scenarios where each works best, whether as the sole award or in combination with others.

Combining Merchandise & Travel Awards

Sep 27, 2018 2:00 PM EDT

A trip to a great destination isn’t the only thing that will motivate incentive participants — especially those who are repeat winners. Program designers are forever in search of ways to incorporate “wows” into these trips. Customized gift events are an ever-growing way to achieve the wow factor. In this webcast travel and merchandise experts will share best practices for combining merchandise and travel awards into effective programs.

Diversity Is Good Business: Rewards and Recognition Can Help Companies Embrace It

Thu, Jun 7, 2018 2:00 PM EDT

Whether you're looking at globalization or the growing size and influence of a Millennial workforce that expects and demands it, diversity is as vital to business as it is to society. In this webcast, a panel of experts in the reward and recognition industry will show you ways to help companies and their employees embrace it.

The Power of Brand Name Merchandise

Thursday April 5, 2018 2:00 PM EDT

The products incentive recipients receive may change somewhat from one year to the next, depending on the state of the economy, the evolving taste of the public, or even fads. But making sure those awards are from popular brand name manufacturers never changes. In this webcast, you will learn how brand drives trophy value, and trophy value drives motivation, and motivation drives behavior.


Paul Gordon, Senior Vice President of Sales, Rymax Marketing Services, Inc.

Mike Donnelly, President, Hinda Incentives

How to Choose the Right Incentive Reward: Tips from Two Successful Programs


As the gift card market matures, "branded value" awards are more effective and cost-effective than ever at connecting employees, channel partners, and consumers to brands that want to engage them, incentivize them, and build loyalty with reward and recognition programs.

Join us as experts from leading engagement solutions and incentive firm ITA Group and several corporate end users talk about what works, how it works, and why it works.



How to Run an Engagement and Recognition Program

AVAILABLE ON DEMANDIn this free webcast moderated by Incentive’s Leo Jakobson, attendees will get a step-by-step guide on how to create an effective and successful employee recognition program. Topics will include determining the goals of your recognition program, creating the rules structure, promoting the program, tracking participant performance, choosing and delivering awards, and measuring the impact on your firm’s engagement scores.


How to Run a Consumer Loyalty Program

ON-DEMANDIn this free webcast moderated by Incentive’s Leo Jakobson, attendees will learn insider tips on how to create a truly engaging and effective program in today's highly competitive consumer loyalty marketplace. The session will offer recommendations on how to segment and target your audience, establish the right rewards and benefits, effectively measure program results, and assess which kind of loyalty you are truly earning from your customers.


How to Run a Health and Wellness Incentive Program

ON-DEMAND: In this free webcast, moderated by Incentive’s Andrea Doyle, Michael Moszberg, VP Wellness Solutions, Rideau Recognition Solutions, and Alisha DeMoss, MS, Leader, Health Promotion Consultants, Humana Wellness, will teach attendees everything they need to know to run an effective health and wellness incentive program. The session will offer a step-by-step guide on how to create the rules structure, address privacy concerns, promote the program, track participant performance, choose and deliver the awards, and measure the results.

How to Run a Safety Incentive Program

ON-DEMANDIn this free webcast moderated by Incentive’s Leo Jakobson, guest speakers Cory Worden and George B. Delta, ESQ. teach attendees everything they need to know to run an effective safety incentive program. The session offers a step-by-step guide on how to create the rules structure, promote the program, track participant performance, deliver the awards, and measure the results. (Sponsored by WorkStride)

How to Run an Effective Incentive Program

Whether you’ve just been handed the task of creating an incentive program from scratch or are looking to reinvigorate a long-standing company initiative, Incentive’s free webcast series, How to Run an Effective Incentive Program, will give you a solid understanding of six core types of incentive, engagement, and loyalty programs, as well as offering step-by-step guides on how to plan, execute, and measure the results of your own programs.


The Return of Luxury Travel

ON-DEMAND: In this webcast you will learn why experiences that even highly paid salespeople people can’t get on their own are a key to motivation; how to incorporate luxury without waste; and how to demonstrate the value of well-planned, well-executed incentive travel to your company’s leadership. (Sponsored by Greater Fort Lauderdale)