2012 Incentive Travel IQ Survey

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INCENTIVE subscribers polled for their views on incentive travel programs reveal useful decision-making and planning information. Responses indicated the primary benefits associated with using incentive travel programs for reward and recognition and employee engagement include:

And, no surprise, the top recipients of travel programs are internal sales forces (67 percent), clients/customers (36 percent), and dealers/distributors (24 percent).

Changing workforce demographics are a decision driver. Forty one percent of respondents indicated they are tailoring their incentive travel programs to be more flexible and are including a wider variety of optional activities, with golf and spa being the top two choices, to appeal to a wider variety of recipients.

The criteria used by incentive travel buyers to determine their preferred destination is foremost the locale's reasonable cost and value, followed by easy access by air or car, and finally the destination's reputation.

When queried about key sources used to select an incentive travel destination, the top response (50 percent) said hotel/resort websites, followed by word of mouth/referrals (44 percent). The third top response was trade/industry magazines (40 percent).

No specific season stood out as a primary time to plan incentive travel programs, with almost half of the respondents planning and purchasing incentive trips throughout the year.

Incentive travel continues to be a motivational tool, and one that offers a clear message of reward to employees and clients alike.

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