Compact Digital Cameras Outshine
Smart-Phones for Everyday Picture-Taking

Digital cameras have always been great incentive rewards. As the size of these cameras get smaller and smaller, they can also be carried almost anywhere. Although the advent of higher-resolution smart-phones have suddenly elevated these products to the status of everyday picture-takers for many, dedicated digital cameras are still the clear winners when it comes to producing the highest quality pictures to share with friends and family.

Using a Canon PowerShot digital camera instead of a smart-phone can mean the difference between taking a snapshot and creating a masterpiece. Simply put, the imaging power of a Canon PowerShot digital camera far exceeds what today's camera-phones can produce. Examples of Canon's superior image quality include significantly better sharpness and image quality in low-light scenes, through the use of optical image stabilization, larger image sensors, and dedicated image processors. The higher resolution means it's easy to get high-quality prints—something that is problematic with smart-phone images.

And while fundamental imaging power is clearly an area where compact digital cameras are superior to camera-phones, due to a combination of better sensors and higher-quality lenses, camera-phones often lack the tools to help users tailor their settings in order to capture the ideal image for a given scene. Canon PowerShot cameras provide more (and more powerful) shooting modes that not only provide better image quality, but also easier-to-use functionality for a more enjoyable photography experience.

Sharing images from a Canon PowerShot cameras can be done quickly via wifi (on select models) or slideshow modes on the camera LCD, computers or TV monitors. For recording and sharing important moments with great pictures, a PowerShot is something worth carrying—and worth reaching for first when opportunity knocks. With so many feature packed PowerShot models to choose from in a variety of colors, the hardest decision might be which one.


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