by Leo Jakobson | April 26, 2012
SpaFinder announced this week that it has created a corporate wellness division aimed at the corporate incentive and motivation market.

The core of the wellness offering is SpaFinder’s new “Wellness Currency,” which provides employers with an incentive award that is both aspirational and 100 percent aligned with health objectives. It is redeemable for spa visits, spa travel, and massage; fitness and stress-reduction classes like yoga, Pilates, or meditation; and visits to nutritionists and other complementary medicine practitioners — all delivered through SpaFinder's global network of more than 9,000 wellness, spa, and fitness centers. SpaFinder already sells gift cards into the corporate incentive market.

“Our wellness program will represent an intelligent, higher ROI alternative,” to traditional wellness program incentives like cash, insurance premium reductions, and gift cards, says Steve Kane, chief revenue officer for the New York-based SpaFinder. “SpaFinder ensures that employees are rewarded with aspirational wellness experiences that they actually desire — so they’re eased on to, and motivated to remain on, the wellness path.”

As of May 1, the new division will be headed by Betty Weinkle, an Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) board member and immediate past president of its Incentive Gift Card Council, as well as a registered yoga teacher and a certified health and fitness instructor with the American College of SportsMedicine.

“I’m excited and very passionate about heading up this new SpaFinder Wellness initiative,” says Weinkle. “We’re going to create best-in-class programs that will lead to workplaces full of active, engaged, productive employees… [and] help drive healthcare costs down while increasing productivity and lifting morale.”