December 19, 2011
While offering a cooling fan as a merchandise redemption option during the winter months might have you scratching your head, think of the countless cubicle workers who might be suffering in overheated offices across the country. 

That's where the Dyson Air Multiplier comes in. Dyson, which practically rewrote the design book on household vacuum cleaners, created a 10-inch bladeless fan. Resembling a giant magnifying glass that's missing its lens, the Air Multiplier draws in air through its large ring-like structure and pushes it out 15 times greater to create a smooth flow of cooling air. It uses similar technologies behind turbochargers and jet engines. 

Because it has no conventional fan blades, the Air Multiplier is perfectly safe for the office environment. In fact, one can put a hand through the contraption without hesitation. The bladeless fan features a rotary dimmer-type power control, so the user can infinitely adjust the airflow. It also tilts and oscillates 90 degrees for directional adjustment of the airflow. 

The Air Multiple is available from Rymax Marketing Services, at, for $299.95.