December 07, 2011
Lakewood, NJ-based CharityChoice Gift Cards, a nonprofit provider of recipient-designated charity gifts, is offering inexpensive favors for holiday office parties, targeted as employee stocking stuffers. The red, holiday-themed Stocking Stuffer cards have an image of a stocking that makes for a festive presentation. The $2 and $5 charity donation gift cards, printed on recycled card stock, can be given out to employees at office parties.

CharityChoice gifts are 100 percent tax-deductible donations for the gift-giver. They are redeemable for up to three charities, chosen from a list of over 250 major and many hundreds of worthwhile local causes.

Regardless of whatever other gift items are being given, these low-cost charity gifts add a meaningful charity dimension to the office party. 

Corporations and small and midsize businesses can use the charity gift cards as meaningful business gifts and favors for the holidays. They can take advantage of a CharityChoice online wizard to brand a customized redemption landing page with their logos, colors and captions. The company’s cause-affinity for charitable giving is accomplished while respecting clients and employees, as they can choose the causes that they wish the funds to go toward.

CharityChoice's Stocking Stuffer cards and Christmas tree ecard graphic, as well as many other holiday graphics, can be delivered via Facebook accounts at checkout and posted upon a friend’s wall on the social network.

Said Daniel Goodman, president of CharityChoice: "We are pleased to offer this, especially during the holiday season. Let's use our new technologies for a higher purpose, elevating our gift-giving with gifts that help others, when more are in need than ever."

CharityChoice, at, is a leading nonprofit provider of recipient-designated charity gifts. The charity gift platform is a project of Special Kids Fund,, an umbrella organization for special needs children. Gifts benefit over 600 major national and local charities on the redemption list, with administrative fees also going toward helping special kids.