by Joanne Keo | September 02, 2011
Lego Woody watch and clock

Lego has taken worldwide love for Toy Story to a new level with a playful collectible watch and clock set featuring the character Woody. The clock is a miniature figure of Woody in all his glory. The set can serve as a family-friendly reward to be passed from the recipient to his or her child. 

Supposed to make any youthful explorer smile, the Lego watch—water resistant to 165 feet—has a band with multicolored links and an easy-to-read blue face with Woody waving hello. The eight-inch-tall Woody-figure clock features an alarm and snooze button.

With a colorful linked plastic band that can be customized to the young wearer's delight, the quartz watch features a blue stationary bezel, a bright dial and easy to read black numbers, and Woody in his "Howdy, partner" greeting. Lego constructed the clock to allow movement of Woody's legs so that he can be posed to look like he is walking. 

The watch and clock set retails for $55. It is available at the Corporate Marketplace,