by Kate Mulcrone | August 09, 2011
Joyce Landry, CEO of Landry & Kling, a company based in Coral Gables, FL, that facilitates meetings and events on cruise ships, recently spoke with Incentive to fill in three things planners need to know about incentive programs at sea.

1. Be careful when you sign

Landry warns that you should be as upfront about your expectations as you can before you sign a contract with a cruise operator. Think about your needs and expectations, because if you realize after the contracts are signed that you’ll need something the cruise line doesn’t supply, it will cost you.

2. Research cabotage laws

Planning to bring an entertainer aboard halfway through the program? Different ports around the world have different rules and regulations about the loading of passengers and goods. Do your research before you book.

3. Be mindful of shipping

International shipping can be pricey, and you might not be able to store things aboard until the day your ship leaves port. Look to ship your supplies to a warehouse at or near the docks.