by Donna M. Airoldi | September 16, 2010
Just a month after announcing its move into the incentive and loyalty industry, Giftango Corporation released a new platform that allows mobile developers to issue national brand virtual gift cards from within their own applications. The product also lets retailers set standards for creating apps and to ensure those guidelines are followed by developers.

Essentially, each of the cards Giftango offers as mobile gift cards works within the rules of the card’s respective retailer, and the incentive house, loyalty company, or other developer giving them as awards can generate the cards as needed from their account.

The new service helps companies achieve consistency—across brands, the consumer experience, and for staff—when clients order or redeem the e-cards.

“Often each card is unique for the merchant. Each has its own process they want to follow, and that’s what we can now help them manage,” Mike Fletcher, chief marketing officer of Giftango, told Incentive. “Say a company currently requires a cashier to manually type in the gift bar code number at the point of service, but the retailer wants to switch to an image-capture scanner to scan codes directly from a phone. They call us and we can modify all their cards at same time, and it’ll work on all the different channels rather than their having to go to each company separately to change the procedure.”

In addition to easier card management, small incentive programs that previously were not able to offer even plastic cards because the cost was prohibitive and the volume not high enough can now offer a broad range of cards, including those where plastic isn’t available, says Fletcher. “We can get the program up and running quickly, and it allows smaller incentive houses to play where they weren’t able to play before at all.”

Giftango has partnered with 36 retailers with digital cards, among which are the following retailers: JC Penney, REI, Lowe’s, Papa Johns, Crutchfield, Omaha Steaks, Zappos, Nike, Fandango, and Cabela’s.

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