by Vincent Alonzo | June 25, 2010


Company Name:           PT Badak

Program Name:             Employee Safety Motivation Milestone Gift

Award or Motivator:      Merchandise



Since the early 1970s, there has never been a disabling accident in the PT Badak plant and they amassed 10,000,000 man hours of work without a disabling accident. Since the beginning of the program, the plant has handed out various rewards to their employees for success at reaching certain milestones. For the item, they wanted something that fit within their budget, of $100,000; something that the employees could carry around with them; something that would enable them to be away from the water cooler for long periods of time and remain hydrated; but also maintain a high-quality gift that the employees could be proud of.


PT Badak engaged ePromos to find an award that accomplished all of the objectives.  A high-end thermos was ultimately chosen. The award reduced the amount of trips to the water cooler while encouraging employees to remain hydrated. It also was something the employees will use every day...and therefore SEE every day. This not only makes the employees happy because they got something that is useful to them, but the achievement is also constantly in view of them which then further encourages them and gets them excited to remain safe and work towards achieving that next safety goal.


The team regularly sees the thermoses around the plant, reporting that most employees use them every day. As added benefits, the thermoses allow employees to stay at their work stations longer and make fewer trips to the water cooler, which further reduces the risk of accidents that happen when traveling to and from work stations while also improving productivity. Above all, employees now have a daily visual reminder of their achievement and further encouragement to reach the next goal.