by Vincent Alonzo | June 25, 2010


Company Name:                       Acushnet Company

Program Name:                         HealthWise—Wellness for Life

Award or Motivator:                 Debit Card


To develop an ongoing corporate wellness program (which has been in operation since 2005) to improve associate health, improve spouse health and reduce healthcare costs. “HealthWise – Wellness for Life” is designed to motivate associates to establish and maintain healthy lifestyles. The program places heavy emphasis on individual performance coaching to support cardiovascular health, cancer prevention, weight management, workplace safety and physical therapy. Worksites also feature healthy cafeteria choices and vending selections.

The original program required a centralized program website; a flexible online platform that can be updated as needed; intuitive website navigation for participants and administrators; program management reports updated on a regular basis; a website with the capability to support communications and education; and awards that meet the needs of a diverse employee base.


Acushnet, partnered with Excellence in Motivation (EIM)to create the program. EIM provided the following tactics and services: consulting and solutions development; custom website creation and hosting; performance tracking system design; online management reporting; participant support and system administration; a “Learn ’n’ Earn” educational reinforcement program delivered via video, quizzes and rewards; and monthly award payouts via a reloadable prepaid Visa Card System.


Program exceeded all objectives set. In 2008 2,900 associates (90%) completed healthcare screenings, 2,300 associates (73%) were actively engaged with a HealthWise coach meeting on a monthly basis to set objectives, track progress and earn awards for their efforts. Further,  90% of company executives completed their annual physicals in 2008 (compared to a 40% completion rate in 2007).  Mental health medical claim costs decreased by 52%. Associates with total cholesterol greater than 200 mg/dl dropped from 53% to 37%. Associates with systolic blood pressure greater than 130 fell from 71% to 50%. Associates with diastolic blood pressure greater than 85 went from 51% to 35%.  Acushnet Company healthcare costs increased 9.2% while similar-sized organizations (without wellness programs) experienced a 13.6% increase


Company Name:           Yeled v’Yalda Early Childhood Service Center

Program Name:             Eat Well Play Hard

Award or Motivator:       Merchandise



The Eat Well Play Hard (EWPH) is a childhood obesity prevention program that creates sustainable changes in New York City public schools using food, nutrition and physical activity as the primary focus for change. EWPH uses evaluation of the environment, teacher/administrative training on healthy lifestyles and supports the school - both administration and educators in creating policies, procedures and curriculum updates that instill improvements in life choices and activities.


The program spent between $85,000 to $105,000 on various incentives as well as a toolkit for every school- (total of 12 schools and over 12,000 children living in high risk neighborhoods in Brooklyn). The toolkit was created with reusable tote bags  to carry the materials: water bottles- that support water drinking rather than sugared beverages; writing materials for notes and incentives for staff to implement the new improved policies. The program also used pedometers (1,000 per school) for walking/running programs to increase physical activity in every school.


A full 100% of the schools completed the school training provided by EWPH using materials purchased; 50% of the schools have completed the School Health Index; 75% of schools have implemented sustainable policies that support better food choices, non food rewards and healthy lifestyles in the school and community. Also 67% implemented new improved policies for physical activity in their schools while 40% of schools have furthered their efforts by submitting RFPs for grants that support physical activity and healthy food activities in school settings