by Vincent Alonzo | June 25, 2010


Company Name:           Motorola

Program Name:             Motorola and Sprint Training Incentive

Award or Motivator:       Gift Cards, Merchandise, Travel



Achieve at least 20% program participation. Train the reps on Motorola products and test their knowledge retention. Get Motorola products into the hands of the people that are selling them. Highlight the partnerships that Motorola and Sprint each have with the NFL and leverage the partnership between Motorola and Sprint to create a successful program.


Motorola created a compelling prize pool/structure and then gave it lots of promotion. The program design encouraged store managers to get their teams excited about participating in the program. They couldn’t win unless 100% of their store associates completed the training requirements. Motorola partnered with Sprint to deliver program communication via their channels of communication and emails were sent throughout the program. There was also a program banner and link on the Sprint intranet and on the “Sprint View” of and posters were put up in break rooms to constantly remind participants of the program and the prizes they could win. These awareness facets helped increase motivation and participation, as well as competition among employees.

Participants were required to pass three training modules with a score of 80% or better and complete role play activities to be eligible for prizes. The training modules were engaging and took the Sales Representatives through multiple Motorola product’s features and benefits, as well as selling scenarios.

Seeding the latest Motorola products throughout the three participating regions was a key priority. Once participants successfully completed all program requirements, they were automatically added to the end of program drawing where they could win one of 150 Motorola handsets or one of 450 Motorola Bluetooth® headsets. Employees who earn or win new products during a sales incentive program are more motivated to sell these items as they associate them with accomplishment and are actually “proud” of their performance. Also, sales representatives are more likely to sell a product that they are using themselves. Therefore, seeding phones and accessories have been proven to boost sales.

Motorola offered participants a number of cool NFL prizes including a tailgate kit for the top nine stores with 100% participation; 50 gift cards worth $50 each: and one lucky participant won a trip for two to the Super Bowl.


Throughout the program 5,057 participants enrolled in the program and 1,847 actively participated. There were 2,842 certifications and 26,688 total page hits to the site. In the 3 months leading up to the program 3,683 Motorola handsets were sold. During the program 5,475 handsets were sold, an increase of 150%.

1,841 participants completed the training module and role playing scenarios successfully. The success of this training module was a major contributor to increasing sales throughout the program.

150 Motorola V950 handsets and 450 Motorola H690 Bluetooth headsets were seeded among participants. Seeding Motorola phones and accessories throughout the wireless market will boost future sales.

The trip to the Super Bowl as well as the gift cards and tailgate packages helped build motivation to participate in the program. 36% of the participants who enrolled in the program saw it through to the end.

The program came in about 5% under budget. Most importantly, Motorola achieved a substantial net profit.


Company Name:                       Olympus America Inc

Program Name:                         Olympus Fun in the Sun Incentive Program

Award or Motivator:                 Travel



Develop a sales incentive program for Olympus America, Inc. that would inspire sales representatives to convert a predetermined amount of accounts to purchase an Olympus Endoscopy service contract.


This sales team is very well paid and not easily motivated by 'usual' prizes. Additionally, they are typically under a lot of pressure to perform and required to spend a great deal of time away from their family traveling for business. Don Jagoda Associates Inc.  responded with this tactic: offer a competitive conversion contest to see who can convert the most accounts and award a prize that would give them a reason to take time out to reward themselves and spend time with a loved one. To qualify, the participants needed to convert five accounts to Olympus Service on a full or value service contract. All conversions were verified by upper management and tracked by the Endoscopy Service Marketing team. Monthly contest updates were sent out to those participating at the beginning of each month.

DJA's travel team scoured the continental US to find the perfect destination that offered something for everyone as well as a place where they could relax. After a comprehensive site visit, DJA recommended The Ginn Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, Florida, as the destination. Olympus overwhelmingly approved the destination noting that it would be perfect to motivate their sales team. The resort is described as "the jewel in the crown of the Hammock Beach development”, is situated in a millionaire's private complex and isolated from the typical overcrowded resort often found at Florida destinations.

As an additional element to the program, DJA created individual award packets that enclosed all the information they needed for their trip, including a leather document wallet, luggage tags, customized brochure that outlined each day’s itinerary, flight information and leisure activity options (golf, spa, tennis). DJA also staffed an Olympus Hospitality Desk located in the hotel lobby for the entire period of the program to handle all guest questions and comments.


The program exceeded service contract expectations by 140%, equating to millions of incremental dollars. Due to the outstanding conversion numbers, 21 participants qualified and were rewarded with the trip.


Company Name:                       Endo Pharmaceuticals

Program Name:                         Endo Pharmaceuticals President’s Club

Award or Motivator:                 Travel


Create an incentive trip that will inspire its approximately 600 salespeople to exceed sales targets


This is an annual program for the top five percent of the sales force who qualify by exceeding sales targets.

The last President’s Club was a Carnival-themed trip to Rio de Janiero combining once-in-a-lifetime experiences with training and feedback-focused business meetings with senior executives. The Days were filled with recreational activities, ranging from Jeep tours of Tijuca Forest National Park and its skyline-dominating mountaintop statue of Christ the Redeemer to city walking tours and pampering spa treatments. The evenings were taken up with networking events at classic Brazilian steakhouses, and themed parties recreating Carnival featuring performances from a noted samba school.

There were also several morning business sessions such as "Best Practices of Top Performers" and "Sales Force Effectiveness," which let the vice president of sales and others from the company provide the President's Club participants with additional tools to boost their performance even higher after returning from Brazil.


Over the past two years, Endo Pharmaceuticals has doubled its dividend and nearly doubled its net profit