by Alex Palmer | September 25, 2019

Many organizations rely on dealers and channel sales partners to sell their products. But unlike having a dedicated sales team, these partners must not only be motivated to sell, but motivated to sell your products over the dozens or hundreds of other brands they have to promote. To get them to do this, non-cash rewards can be an effective tool. But unlike traditional sales incentives, channel sales rewards present particular challenges -- and opportunities. To delve into these, and discuss some best practices in managing channel sales incentives, we spoke with Luke Kreitner, vice president at Incentive Solutions. On this episode of Incentive: What Motivates, he shares his deep experience and knowledge of this sector. 

Among the points discussed in this episode:

  • How an incentive program can influence a contractor's recommendations to an end user
  • Why it's key to keep things simple for contractors and why gamification has particular appeal
  • How generational differences affect the marketing of channel sales incentives
  • What the digital transformation of business means for encouraging channel sales.


Listen now and check out previous episodes of Incentive: What Motivates here.