by Joe Henry | July 19, 2018
Some employees are fine with their bottom-of-the-pot cup of Joe every morning. They're happy as long as they get their caffeine fix. Others are more than a bit pickier -- the genuine coffee connoisseurs. These are the people who want their daily fix fresh, and preferably ground that morning from whole beans.

And so, those people need a grinder. But not any grinder will do. There are two categories of coffee grinder: blade and burr. A blade grinder will do in a pinch, but it's generally seen as an inferior product, creating a choppy, uneven grind that extracts flavor unevenly. If you're going to reward your coffee-guzzling employees, you'll want to zero in on the best burr grinders the market has to offer.

First up is the Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Grinder, available through Rymax Marketing Services. Sturdy and durable, this 160-watt grinder has a container that can hold eight ounces of fresh coffee grounds. Its conical top lets beans sift gracefully into the burrs, ensuring smooth operation and preventing jams.

And it has adjustable settings, letting its users select the type of grind they want, depending on whether they'll be preparing their brew through an espresso machine, a French press, or a standard coffee maker with a paper filter.

Another great option is KitchenAid's Burr Coffee Grinder, which has a seven-ounce glass hopper and jar -- eliminating the static that causes coffee grounds to attach to the sides. It has 15 grind settings, so users can choose coarse or fine grounds  or anything in between. And its stainless steel burrs ensure both longevity and remarkable consistency.

One of the most highly-regarded burr coffee grinders is the 120 watt Baratza Encore, which can be had through Crate and Barrel's corporate sales. It's not only remarkable for its performance, it's also known for its ease-of-use. This is the perfect entry-level grinder. It's plug-and-play for first-timers, and while it doesn't have the same number of settings as its swankier cousin, the Baratza Virtuoso, it will perform at a high level for years to come. And it does have 40 different grind settings, so it's certainly no slouch in the features department. 

That being said, the 240 watt Baratza Virtuoso, available through corporate sales from Williams Sonoma, takes some of the superb engineering of the Encore and amplifies it. It can produce a finer grind than the Encore  so finicky espresso drinkers might want to grab this model. It also can grind large amounts of beans quickly and without overheating. And the bin is designed to be static-free, so no worries about leaving bean residue on the sides of the container.