by Matt Alderton | January 19, 2018
Located on The Cosmpolitan's second floor, REVIV at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas will boast full-body massage chairs, private and group treatment areas with televisions and iPads, views of the Strip, aromatherapy, and beverage.

The main attraction, however, will be intravenous treatments that deliver nutrients directly to the cells that need them. Options will include: the Hydromax Hydration IV Therapy, for those suffering from dehydration; the Ultraviv Recovery Infusion, for those seeking relief from a hangover, a cold, or allergies; the Megaboost Vitamin Wellness Infusion, which is designed to give a nutritional boost and also combat jet lag; a Vitaglow Anti-Aging Infusion, for those seeking a youthful glow; and the Royal Flush Deluxe Infusion, which combines the benefits of Ultraviv, Megaboost, and Vitaglow.

Additionally, the spa will offer four "booster shots" - vitamin injections targeted to energy, anti-aging, weight loss, and fitness -- that can be done alone or in conjunction with an IV therapy.

Established in 2011, REVIV was created by a group of emergency room physicians who determined that they could use the same intravenous methods used to fortify sick people to make otherwise healthy people feel their best. They subsequently opened their first IV wellness spa in Miami and have since opened more than 45 locations on five continents.