by Matt Alderton | August 16, 2013
MGM Resorts International has introduced the country's first commercial fleet of Cadillac Escalades powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), it announced this week. The fleet of six EPA-certified vehicles will service guests at ARIA Resort & Casino and Bellagio Resort & Casino.

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"We are excited to introduce the nation’s first commercial fleet of CNG Cadillac Escalades, which is further demonstration of our company's commitment to drive innovation in environmental stewardship, while maintaining the highest standards in guest service," MGM Resorts Chairman and CEO Jim Murren said in a statement. "Environmental responsibility is a core component of our culture and we continuously seek new opportunities to make sustainable services available to our guests."

According to MGM -- which also runs the nation’s first fleet of CNG stretch limos -- CNG is one of the cleanest burning alternative fuels available and is generally less expensive than either gasoline or diesel. U.S. Department of Energy research, it points out, shows that CNG vehicles produce significantly lower amounts of harmful emissions and approximately 25 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than vehicles fueled with conventional diesel and gasoline.

"MGM Resorts International has established itself as a leader in environmental stewardship," said Garret Alpers, CEO of World CNG, a company that converts passenger, bus and cargo vehicles to CNG. "Fleet owners and operators have the unique opportunity to significantly reduce their fuel expenditure while reducing harmful emissions. We're honored to have provided these unique CNG conversions."