by Leo Jakobson | October 16, 2012
The MGM Grand has introduced 42 wellness rooms.

As part of the recently completed $160 million Grand Renovation of MGM Mirage’s flagship Las Vegas property, the MGM Grand has unveiled a group of new STAY WELL rooms.

The 42 rooms – all on the same floor to allow for an upgraded water filtration system — have a large number of features that focus on wellness issues including allergy-fighting technologies like advanced HEPA air filters in each room; alarm clocks that use a lamp to very slowly brighten the room, awakening guests like a natural sunrise; and vitamin C infusions in the shower to promote healthy skin. They were created in partnership with Delos, the wellness real estate pioneer. 

“We know our guests come to Las Vegas to escape and unwind, but we also know that an increasing number of them are looking to take their wellness lifestyle ‘on the road’ as an extension of their daily, healthful lives at home,” says Scott Sibella, president and COO of MGM Grand. “The STAY WELL rooms at MGM Grand provide an unprecedented opportunity for a complete wellness hotel experience.”

The health and wellness amenities include: 

Personalized Services: VIP check-in, program tailored menus for mini-bar, room service and spa
Advanced Room Lighting: improves internal clock (sleep/wake cycles) by assisting in regulation of melatonin production
Wake-Up Light Therapy: short periods of blue-shaded lighting to increase energy and reverse effects of jetlag
Night lighting: LED lamps illuminate pathways at night without disturbing melatonin levels
Dawn Simulator Alarm Clocks: to gradually awaken the body
Vitamin C Shower Infusion: shower water infused with vitamin C to neutralize chlorine promoting healthy hair and skin
Air Purification System: most advanced HEPA-standard air purification system, reducing allergens, toxins and pathogens, creating better air quality and breathing
Aromatherapy: optional aroma infusion for STAY WELL guests
Water Filtration System: reduces disinfectant byproducts, chlorine, and pesticides for the cleanest, most purified in-room water
EMF Protection: protects from electrical equipment that emanates sleep-disruptive Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
Photo-Catalytic Coating: breaks down bacteria, virus and VOCs on bacteria-susceptible surfaces
Cleveland Clinic exclusive access: wellness software that includes stress management, sleep and nutrition programs, as well as access to healthy food/drink options developed by the Cleveland Clinic, which guests can use for up to 60 days after their stay
Wellness Channel: In-Room education video by World renowned health and wellness expert, and Delos advisory board member Dr. Deepak Chopra

The MGM Grand’s "Grand Renovation" is an ongoing "360-degree" renovation of the property encompassing accommodations, casino, retail shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. Work began in October 2011 and includes 3,570 guest rooms and 642 suites. The rooms have been modernized with new colors and furnishings, and have had the MGM studios-themed décor removed. The furnishings are smaller to open up the rooms, and the connectivity and power features have been improved. 

Along with a new design, remodeled rooms and suites incorporate environmentally responsible elements, including LED lighting, improved thermostats and solar powered shades, upgraded faucets and showers, and bath amenities that are 100 percent biodegradable.