by Matt Alderton | January 23, 2015
In order to increase visitation to Madrid, Mayor Ana Botella has created Asociación Turismo de Madrid, a new destination marketing organization jointly run by Madrid's city council, the regional government, and the local tourism industry, all of which will collaborate to promote travel to and within Spain's capital city.

"[This is] a definitive step towards relaunching the Madrid brand and attracting tourists to the city," said Botella, who said the organization's first task will be creating a strategic plan to increase tourism arrivals and spending by 30 percent and 50 percent, respectively, by 2019, and to reduce seasonality by 20 percent within the same five-year period. "[There is] no better way of starting of 2015 than with a strategic tourism plan and a new tourism management model tailored to the specific needs and requirements of Madrid as a tourist destination, a work model inspired by the management models used by the top tourism destinations and organizations around the world."

Asociación Turismo de Madrid will focus its destination marketing efforts on 18 Spanish and 30 foreign cities in markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, China, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, and India. Its message will emphasize Madrid's historical and cultural heritage, its nearby attractions, its cuisine, its internationally important events and performances, its professional soccer matches, and its role in perpetuating and preserving Spanish traditions.

Concluded Botella, "Today we can say that tourism in Madrid has reason to celebrate."