by Alex Palmer | October 02, 2015
Incentive travel is making a big impact on employee engagement in the U.K., a new report from the SITE Foundation finds. According to its just-released research, large majorities of workers expressed feeling more appreciated and trusted, and greater loyalty toward their organization as a result of incentive travel programs.

The report, "The Participants' Viewpoint of the Incentive Travel Market in the United Kingdom," is a continuation of the series of "Participants' Viewpoint" studies published beginning three years ago, and draws on the responses of U.K.-based participants in incentive travel programs. It found that 87.5 percent say they feel appreciated as a result of the incentive travel program, while 80 percent say it increases their loyalty and 78 percent say it increases their sense of "belongingness." 

"With today's global workforce, it is imperative that companies and incentive planners gain a deeper understanding of how to design programs that will motivate all participants and deliver business results," said Tina Weede, SITE Foundation vice president, research and education and USMotivation president, in a statement.

But while the findings reflected the strong impact that incentive travel has on U.K. workers, it found that U.S. workers tend to be more enthusiastic about it. While half of U.K. respondents said they favor cash over incentive travel, just 37 percent of Americans said the same. Similarly, 59 percent of British respondents expressed reference for paid vacation over incentive travel, versus just 41 percent of U.S. employees. 

The study lays out several "Observations" offered by these findings, among them that "successful experiences can be measured by the intensity of memories," and that "more qualifiers favored a tiered award versus non-qualifiers."

"The SITE Foundation is committed to global research and our goal is to conduct a series of studies that compares and contrasts participants' viewpoints of incentive travel around the world, " added Kurt Paben, SITE Foundation president and Aimia president of channel and employee loyalty U.S., in a statement.

The full report can be downloaded here.