by Alex Palmer | August 17, 2018
Both newcomers to incentive travel and veterans now have additional resources to consult when putting together a program, care of a pair of new ebooks released by incentive house Brightspot, released on Aug. 13. Titled "How to Start an Incentive Travel Program" and "Tips to Improve an Incentive Travel Program," the downloadable guides offer a combination of big-picture strategies around incentive travel and data and infographics to help incentive managers run their programs more effectively.

The first eBook, "How to Start an Incentive Travel Program," offers direction for new planners or those looking to launch the first incentive trip for their organization. It lays out seven key components, including "Build the Budget," "Engaging Communications," and "High-Touch Logistics."

"Whether a company is about to start their first incentive travel program, or revamping a current one, this incentive travel how-to guide has many useful tips, a step-by-step guide, to create a successful, ROI-generating, incentive travel program," said Mike May, president of Brightspot. "The seven keys to success outlined in this eBook will help motivate the target audience, create memorable experiences, increase engagement from participants, and much more."

Its chapter on "Aspirational Destination" lays out top destinations for incentive travel while urging planners to consider both the excitement factor and the logistics. The chapter on "Unforgettable Experiences" lays out the building blocks of a program itinerary, from welcome reception to final gala.

The second ebook, "Tips to Improve an Incentive Travel Program" is targeted at planners who have already had some experience in putting together a trip, but may be looking to enhance what they've been doing. It dives into topics such as, "To Beach, or Not to Beach" and "Authentic Is In," exploring more nuanced aspects of what makes for a successful travel incentive.

"If a trip is beginning to grow stale and in need of fresh ideas, we've designed this eBook with our favorite techniques," said Julie Blank, Brightspot's director of strategic accounts. "The tips in this resource are all about boosting buy-in from the participants and creating unforgettable experiences, even for planners with a limited amount of time to strategize and execute."