October 06, 2016

For centuries, Bermuda's island intrigue has beckoned to dreamers, doers, explorers and entrepreneurs alike. Now it's your turn to give in to the allure. 

And that legendary mystique is closer than you think - just a two-hour flight from most major East Coast cities and only a 90-minute flight from NYC, putting Bermuda's unparalleled experiences within easy reach.

When it comes to intertwining business and pleasure, there's no better place than Bermuda. Treat your team to a luxury catamaran cruise overlooking the Royal Naval Dockyards. Hike or bike the historic Railway Trail. Or tee off on one of Bermuda's championship golf courses, toasting the round with a Dark 'n Stormy®.

Beyond engaging excursions and breathtaking scenery, you'll find outstanding service at every step. And service in Bermuda is more than a specialty - it's a promise.

Get inspired to uncover the mystery. Learn more about rewarding your team in Bermuda at GoToBermuda.com/meetings.