by Alex Palmer | July 25, 2013

Incentive marketing firm Taraci Motivation is making major enhancements to its mobile app, the company announced to Incentive on July 25.  Among the upgrades to the Taraci Mobile Incentive App are peer-to-peer functionality, message boards, and a new design.

The app, which can be used on the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, as well as tablets, allows organizations to launch and manage a wide range of incentive programs. These include sales, length-of-service, wellness, and safety programs, and any others that incorporate a merchandise catalog for points redemption.

With the new peer-to-peer functionality, participants can now recommend one another for awards from their mobile devices. On the new message boards, participants can also read, post, congratulate each other, and discuss motivational topics. 

“People in the program can post comments about the program, but it’s all on their phone — employees see they are doing a good job,” said Tom Taraci, CEO of Taraci Motivation.

He added that making incentive programs mobile-enabled is especially valuable for younger workers entering the workplace, making the program more relevant and accessible.

“To reach Millennials in this fashion is imperative. They are attached to their smartphone almost like it’s an umbilical cord,” said Taraci. “This is a great way to reach them.”

The enhancements also aid managers, who can review the suggested rewards from the participants’ colleagues, make adjustments to the point values as they see fit, and process the awards on their own mobile app, quickly and conveniently. Those recipients who are approved receive the recognition and receive the points directly into their account.  

An administrator can add or subtract points for individual users review catalog statistics — what products are particularly popular, the total value of redemptions, and so on. They are also able to receive detailed email reports.

“Wherever they are — traveling to and from work, on a train or plane or taxi cab — they can scroll through the orders,” added Taraci.