by Matt Alderton | April 24, 2015
The features hotel guests most want from travel apps are: room-ready notifications, requesting room amenities, hotel services, and room upgrades. So finds a new survey of travelers by Cornell University's Center for Hospitality Research, which asked travelers for the first time about their preferred features for hotel and travel mobile apps.

 The report -- titled "The Mobile Revolution is Here: Are You Ready?" -- also found that travelers would prefer to have one app that could be used to create a personal travel profile across brands, serving as a central location for their information and preferences so they don't have to download multiple apps for multiple hotels.

 "This is the first look at guests' mobile expectations while they are on property, proving that guests desire a mobile-enhanced experience. These expectations aren't unrealistic. We're using our phones to get our prescriptions, do our banking ... already various relationships of trust," said Gene Hopper of hotel software company Monscierge, which sponsored the study. "Guests expect to use smartphones to build connections to their hotels, to take the friction out of regular tasks."