by Alex Palmer | March 07, 2013
Incentive planners and marketers looking to better understand how they are influencing consumer and employee behavior now have a potent new tool. Gamification giant Badgeville announced on March 6 that it has integrated with Adobe Marketing Cloud to provide a new offering that allows organizations to run a comprehensive behavior management program that also provides in-depth analytics on customer decision making. 

Adobe Marketing Cloud has been used by a number of major brands such as Samsung, Symantec, and to gather customer data. With the Badgeville integration allows them to add an extensive gamification element to their tracking efforts in three of the Adobe products: SiteCatalyst, Test&Target, and Recommendations. 

“It’s a combined advantage — for people who already have Adobe Marketing Cloud, Badgeville can now provide behavior analytics, so you’re getting more about customers,” said Chandar Pattabhiram, vice president of worldwide marketing for Badgeville. “Customers of Badgeville can now get Adobe Marketing Cloud. It’s one-plus-one-equals-three value here.” 

Once enabled, behavior data coming from a website measured by Badgeville flows into SiteCatalyst automatically, providing details about actions taken by customers on brand websites. The Test&Target Integration Blueprint offers information on how users can focus on specific audiences and customer segments with Badgeville Engagement Mechanics, in order to strengthen loyalty and engagement. 

“It takes analytics, then uses behavior data to target specific campaigns or offers based on the customer portfolio and user behaviors being targeted,” said Pattabhiram.

Badgeville’s integration with Adobe’s Recommendations product allows marketers to recommend offerings that would be the best fit for their most engaged customers.

Pattabhiram adds that while this integration especially targets customers, it can also be applied to employee-facing gamification efforts. The program can be used to drive sales contests, as well as for training or compliance incentive programs, for organizations seeking to get workers to complete courses faster or with greater accuracy.

“Another area is social collaboration,” added Pattabhiram. “On SharePoint or Yammer, the question is ‘how do you get more people to participate across the board?’ You reward them for their engagement.”