by Deanna Ting | April 28, 2015
If you're an employee for San Jose, CA-based tech giant Adobe Systems Incorporated, you could receive a little red box with a $1,000 gift card inside -- no strings attached.

This is part of the company's internal incentive initiative, called Kickbox. Since the program's launch in 2014, Adobe has given out more than a thousand of these red boxes to employees, all in an effort to cultivate a culture of innovation. 

Each box contains a candy bar, a Starbucks gift card, and a debit MasterCard that is pre-loaded with $1,000. Adobe does no require Kickbox recipients to show receipts for any purchases made with the gift cards; they can spend them on whatever they please.

An Adobe spokeswoman told Business Insider that the Kickbox program "is all about trust." By giving Adobe employees these financial resources to look into whatever they desire to, Adobe believes it can foster incredible innovations from their employees.

On the Adobe blog, Kickbox Founder Mark Randall, chief strategist and vice president of creativity for Adobe, says of the program: "One of the challenges that large corporations have is trying to drive employee motivation to innovate. Kickbox was an attempt to resolve that by looking at the history of what companies have done and then removing the obstacles that have stood in the way."

All Adobe employees can participate in Kickbox, and the program consists of six color-coded levels that recipients must go through in order to ultimately receive funding from Adobe to develop their ideas further.  

What comes after the red Kickbox? A blue one, but what's inside the blue box is only known to those who receive it, and no single blue box is ever the same as the last one.

Since the program's inception, Kickbox has helped developed a number of ideas. They include a method for creating video stories that sync with images, music, mood, and emotion; the development of a real-world game where people participate in challenges in locations that they discover through global positioning systems (GPS); and creating a way to bring paper homework assignments into the digital world.

Adobe is also encouraging other companies and organizations to use Kickbox to motivate employee innovations. To learn more about the Kickbox program, please visit