by Leo Jakobson | January 24, 2017
Every year, Incentive selects the best, most effective incentive programs from a number of qualified applicants, in the categories of Channel Sales, Sales Incentive, Engagement/Recognition Programs, and (added this year) Corporate Social Responsibility. Brother Australia won in the Channel Sales category as well as the award for best overall program, the Grand Motivation Master Award (read more about that here). But also standing out among the many impressive submissions received this year, are these winning programs in the sales incentive, engagement, and corporate social responsibility categories:

Sales Incentive Programs

A Financial Firm and Next Level Performance, A Dittman Company

Next Level Performance, A Dittman Company worked with a financial firm on a sports-themed Q4 sales program offering customized, high-end individual incentive travel programs to investment sales personnel who exceeded goals, with additional award tiers for those whose results were even higher. The result: The number of salespeople who met or beat their goals more than doubled over the previous quarter. 

Engagement/Recognition Programs 

The Hershey Company
 and Globoforce 

The Hershey SMILES program grew out of a company survey that found satisfaction with employee recognition had dropped by 8 percent, because of too many redundant, low-visibility recognition programs. The result was Hershey SMILES, a single, global program that was easy to use, offered merchandise and gift card awards, and had a high-profile launch. After seven months, the company's recognition scores were up 11 percent, and climbed another 7 percent the next year. To date, more than 130,00 SMILES have been awarded and the program is heavily used globally. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Frontier Communications
 and Spear One

Frontier Communications partnered with Spear One to create the Great Frontier Donate, a customer-referral incentive with a feel-good corporate social responsibility twist. Beyond generating new sales, it distributed a combined $30,000 to more than 250 charitable organizations.