Motivation Masters

Motivation Masters 2015: Coca-Cola Refreshments Takes Home the Grand Motivation Masters Award

by Alex Palmer | January 22, 2016
This year’s Grand Motivation Masters Award winner integrated a wide range of programs into one streamlined platform -- with big results.

Motivation Masters 2015: ICP Group and Astellas Pharma Create Winning Incentive Travel Program

by Alex Palmer | January 22, 2016
A pirate-themed trip to Croatia wins this year's Motivation Master Recognition Award.

Motivation Masters 2015: Mitsubishi's Winning Channel Sales Incentive Program

by Alex Palmer | January 22, 2016
Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating and Incentive Solutions' Ductless Rewards program earned this year's Motivation Master Award for Channel Sales.

7th Annual Motivation Masters Award Finalists

by Deanna Ting | December 01, 2015
There's an impressive list of finalists for this year's Motivation Masters Award. 

Sales Incentive Superstars

by Leo Jakobson and Deanna Ting | January 29, 2015
Two programs demonstrate the power of intelligent, strategic sales incentives.

Grand Motivation Master: Recognizing Ricoh's Stars

by Leo Jakobson | January 29, 2015
Top tech support staffers go head-to-head in a skills-based recognition incentive travel program.

2012 Motivation Masters Award Category Winners

by Leo Jakobson | January 28, 2013
Two programs turned around poor results.

Motivation Masters: Kimberly-Clark Professional Is in the Zone

by Leo Jakobson | January 15, 2013
Incentive's 4th Annual Grand Motivation Master took the channel sales progam to another level.

The 2012 Motivation Masters Finalists

by Leo Jakobson | November 12, 2012
This year's finalists prove that engagement, recognition, sales, and channel partner programs go a long way.

Incentive's 3rd Annual Motivation Masters Awards

by Vincent Alonzo | January 13, 2012
Here are the winners of our 3rd annual Motivation Masters awards.

Incentive's 3rd Annual Motivation Masters Award Finalists

by Leo Jakobson | November 15, 2011
It's our pleasure to announce the finalists of Incentive's third annual Motivation Masters Awards.

Motivation Masters 2010: Frontline Mastery

by Leo Jakobson | January 18, 2011
An incentive program for sales staff at Dillard's department stores produces quick, powerful results and wins our Grand Motivation Master award.
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