by Rowdy Mclean | December 18, 2016
When the going gets tough, the world is dragging you down and the turkeys are on your case. It's easier than you think to turn it around. 

Instant happiness is the key. Now, instant happiness is not a pill or a potion -- some quick fix, temporary solution to a terrible problem. Instant happiness is a set of go-to things that you love, that make you smile, that put the world back in balance. 

We all get down in the dumps from time to time as we rub up against the daily grind of life, but we don't have to stay that way, getting around like we have been sucking on lemons all day. When things get out of whack, you have something that brings the smile back.

Think of the simple things that make you smile or make you happy. It could be as simple as chatting to a friend, or maybe your mom or your dad. Simple is the key here. Start with a few options that cost absolutely nothing, that you can do anywhere at pretty much any time, and can be implemented quickly, so that you have a go to option that is not dependent on anything (other than you recognizing that you are down in the dumps) 

Got that list sorted? Good. Now look for low-cost options that lift you up. It could be chocolate, coffee, or ice cream, but it could also be a chapter of a book, or scene of a movie.

The point here is to get ahead of the game (like the Boy Scouts say, "be prepared") so you can: When you can 
1. Recognize that you are in a slump 
2. Have some instant happiness options that you know will work 
3. Take the time to apply the instant happiness lotion to the slump that you're in. 

You snap out of it so much faster, which means you are the best version of you for longer (and that can only be a good thing!)

Lastly, if you are one of those people that just want to wallow in your own little pity party -- Play a Bigger Game. You don't like you when you are in that place and I can tell you that all your friends, family, and colleagues certainly don't. It may get you some attention, but it doesn't make you a better person and being a better person is the game of life.

Here are my five go-to instant happiness options.

The Rolling Stones (the best songs from some of my best times growing up)

Really good coffee in a quiet place (nothing like a hit of caffeine in a Zen environment to unravel the frazzle)

A movie, in a theatre (I love being transporter into another world for a couple hours)

A long Walk (sometimes a lap around the block, through the park, up the hill or along the beach puts things in perspective)

Movenpic mint chocolate chip ice cream (heavenly indulgence--- just the thought puts a smile on my face)

Now if I could go on a long walk to the movies while listening to the Rolling Stones and drinking a really good cup of coffee and pic up some Movenpic along the way -- instant bliss. I think I'm going to do just that :))

Rowdy Mclean is an international keynote speaker, author, motivator, leadership and business consultant. Rowdy provides clients with the inspiration, insights, systems and strategies to Play a Bigger game -- how to achieve more, be more, do more and have more than they ever thought possible. He has presented to over 250,000 people across the globe. His latest book Play a Bigger Game has been published in seven countries. He is an entrepreneur and adventurer that likes to shake up the status quo and is obsessed with success. Do you have what it takes to Play a Bigger Game? Take the checklist at