by Alex Palmer | November 23, 2015
Workplace flexibility and an engagement with social media are top concerns for Millennial workers, according to a new report from IT firm CompTIA. Titled "Managing the Multigenerational Workplace," the report delves into the preferences and motivations of workers born between 1980 and 1995, who are expected to "be the predominant group in the workforce" by 2020, as the report's authors put it.

The study, which drew on the responses of 700 business professionals, found that "Facebook is becoming the email of social networks--the tool everyone uses at least part of the time." That is, nine out of 10 Millennials reported using Facebook, while 31 percent of 20-somethings and 28 percent of 30-somethings report using the platform for both work and personal purposes.

Forty-three percent of Millennials say that their skills related to social media are an important part of their skill set for work -- contrasted with just 37 percent of Gen-X workers and only 20 percent of Baby Boomers who say the same. On the flip side, while 74 percent of Millennials agreed that their companies have a right to restrict access to social media during work hours, larger segments of Gen-X workers (81 percent) and Baby Boomers (85 percent) felt the same.

But this engagement with technology is not without its issues. The survey found that two-thirds of workers (66 percent) see a decline in face-to-face communication as a concern. Additionally, 61 percent saw a decline in etiquette as a concern, and the same amount saw disjointed communications as a challenge as a result of changing technology in the workplace. 

Far more Millennials (62 percent) report being encouraged by their employer to pursue professional development through formal certification, compared to Generation X (46 percent) and Baby Boomers (35 percent). 

The complete report can be found here.