Employee-Manager Relationship Is Crucial to Recognition Programs

by Alex Palmer | April 16, 2013
New article from Gallup shows the pivotal role that employee-manager relationships have on company performance.

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Work

by Bob Nelson | February 14, 2012
Dr. Bob Nelson says these five major workplace trends will impact all organizations and how they will have to motivate their employees. What are they?

Build a Better Board Meeting

by Kenneth Hein | January 11, 2012
In order for board members to get the most out of this precious time together, each board meeting element must go off without a hitch.

HP Courts Trouble with Suits Against Departing Employees

by Kristina Dmytriv | December 14, 2011
Tech giant HP is taking a hardline approach against former employees who went to work for its competitor Cisco.

5 Quick Tips for Memorable, Effective Corporate Gift-Giving

by Sarah Rohlfing | November 02, 2011
Corporate gifts should be tangible tokens that express appreciation and not be self-promotional. Here are five ways to do it right.
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