How to Manage Workers Like a 'People Artist'

by Peter W. Hart and David Zinger | January 15, 2016
People Artists draw out the best in themselves and others to create a workplace canvas of excellence for the benefit of all. But how does one become a People Artist? 

Last-Minute Gifting? Go Experiential

by Alison Smith Jenks | December 17, 2015
Here are four reasons to go experiential with corporate gifting.

Incentive Budgets Increasing at Mid-Size Companies

by Alex Palmer | November 25, 2015
An American Express survey finds gift cards are the most popular recognition award type.

Managing Millennials Requires Flexibility, Technology

by Alex Palmer | November 23, 2015
A new report finds Millennials top concerns are workplace flexibility and engagement with social media.

Webcast: 2016 Predictions From the Incentive Industry Roundtable Participants

by Leo Jakobson | October 27, 2015
Learn what top industry experts believe the future holds for the incentive business.

Breaks Benefit Workers and Employers

by Leo Jakobson | September 23, 2015
Baylor University study finds short, mid-morning breaks to be most effective at re-energizing employees.

5 Ways to Unleash Innovation and Improve Work Culture

by Maxine Attong | August 25, 2015
Investing in people yields exponential rewards.

How to Incentivize a Multigenerational Workforce

by Alex Palmer | August 14, 2015

IRF study examines 'motivational triggers' of different generations.

To Truly Reward Employees, Go Beyond the Award Catalog

by Leo Jakobson | July 28, 2015
How to motivate employees and build loyalty with truly unique, personal, and over-the-top awards.

The Top Workplace Distraction? Mobile Phones

by Alex Palmer | June 16, 2015
A survey of employers and employees from CareerBuilder finds that texting, social media, and the Internet are considered major impediments to worker productivity.

Managers Are Responsible for Low Worker Engagement

by Alex Palmer | April 28, 2015
A study finds 70 percent of variance in worker engagement comes down to manager performance.

Research: Workplace Wellness Cuts Obesity 9 Percent

by Alex Palmer | April 21, 2015
A University of Rochester study found proactive wellness programs lead to thinner employees.
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