by Gloria Kopp | February 13, 2018
Companies and business across the world will already understand the importance of training your staff and employees to the highest standard. Making sure your staff are operating at a legal and competent level is so important for the success of your business, and it's an incredibly worthwhile investment.

However, have you considered how you currently operate your training procedures? Do you still get everybody into one room to go through a decade-old PowerPoint presentation, making sure to take questions at the end if there's still time? 

More recently, mainly thanks to advances in technology, e-learning has become a popular form of training new and existing staff within your business, regardless of the industry that you're in.

What is E-Learning?

E-learning is short for "electronic learning." This means that learning materials, such as training videos or survey quizzes, are available to you and your employees in a digital format which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

One of the biggest benefits that E-learning platforms provide is cost savings. Consider how much money needs to be spent on booking classrooms and professionals to host lessons, as well as the time lost trying to get everybody to attend in one go, or multiple sittings.

"This is time-consuming and eats away at your budget. Instead, it's far more beneficial to invest in digital E-learning platforms which you can download and access anytime with unlimited usage," explains William Adames, an eLearning Consultant at Resumention. "You'll also save money from a ton of little details such as printing costs and even stationary, which add up year on year."

One of the most effective ways to engage workers is to provide them with ways to grow and enhance their skills, enabling them to climb the career ladder. E-learning platforms allow employees to learn new skills and methods, helping them to learn essential processes that benefit them and their business.

If advertised within your business properly, there's no reason why the training programs can't be accessed at home. Many employees will want to keep work and home separate and will only want to complete training programs during work time, but those who want to progress and push themselves also have the ability to practice at home in their own time. This is an investment in the future and a great way to see the talent in your business and who's suitable for moving up the ladder.

Stretching Out into the World

By investing in E-learning programs, you can allow remote employees to have the same access to training materials as employees in your office.

Consider how long it takes to organize training meetings where you need to book a room and figure out the best time that suits everybody and the business. More often than not, you're going to need to book more than two lessons. With e-learning, you completely rid yourself of this problem.

Instant Feedback

One of the biggest benefits that e-learning platforms provide is the ability to provide instant feedback on the level that the employee is performing at. For example, is someone took a health and safety video for warehouse safety, they could watch a couple of training videos, followed by an online quiz. The employee can answer the questions and see their results immediately. 

Referring back to employee training data is also easy as just a few clicks on a computer screen. What's more, if a difficult situation arises within your business, such as a safety concern, you can pull up your training material to see what the right course of action is and what can be done.

A Personalized Style of Learning

It's safe to say that not everybody learns in the same way and each of your employees will have a different style of learning.

Glen Clark, a business coach at Best Australian Writers says: "However, with e-learning, once again you minimize the risk of this becoming a problem. The courses provided through e-learning platforms can be completed at their own pace, rather than trying to squeeze all the information into one session where some people are bound to get lost and confused by things moving too quickly".

There are a plethora of advantages that come with investing in an e-learning platform for your business. Whether you're making your own, buying pre-made packages or ordering a custom training material from suppliers, it's safe to say with all your employees on the same page and operating to the highest standard; your business can be taken to new realms of success that were previously thought impossible.

Gloria Kopp is a an e-learning consultant at UK Writings. She regularly shares professional advice in her columns at Microsoft and Paper Fellows blog. She is also a writer and editor at Oxessays blog.