September 06, 2018
In almost every facet of life and business, the importance of diversity and inclusion has gained increasing attention in recent years, and with good reason: Whether looking at globalization or the growing size and influence of a Millennial workforce that expects and demands it, diversity is now viewed as vital to business as it is to society. 

But while it is easy to offer up platitudes about the value of diversity, actually cultivating it in the workplace can be more of a challenge. For this episode of Incentive: What Motivates, we are bringing you specific, actionable tips for how to reward the right kinds of behaviors to create a more diverse, open and communicative workplace. These tips come in the form of a presentation by Mary Luckey, director of reward strategy for Maritz Motivation Solutions, given as part of a recent Incentive webcast.

Here she discusses how an organization can cultivate diversity, from the way job postings are phrased to how particular interactions can be encouraged and learning about different cultures can be rewarded -- and why peer-to-peer recognition should be central to any effort encouraging workers to better understand one another. Listen on to find out more.