by Leo Jakobson | September 08, 2015

In July, Incentive hosted its 14th annual roundtable of industry, bringing together leaders from all segments of the motivation industry to discuss the many issues influencing and affecting the incentive business. The 12 leaders were drawn from a variety of segments of the industry, and over the course of a day they analyzed and debated a wide range of topics. The annual roundtable will culminate with the forthcoming cover story of Incentive's September/October issue.

Incentive held brief one-on-one video interviews with all the participants, gauging how they felt about the current state of the incentive industry and where they see it going. In the run-up to the September/October feature story, Incentive will present a new video of each participant every week.

This week, Richard Low, vice president, special markets, of Citizen Watch Co. of America and (as of August) immediate past president of the Incentive Marketing Association, discusses groundbreaking new research the IMA partnered with the Incentive Research Foundation to undertake on what truly motivates incentive program participants, as well as the fast growth and value of "merchandise bar" experiences at events and incentive travel programs.