by Leo Jakobson | October 07, 2014

On June 27, Incentive gathered 13 industry leaders from all segments of the motivation and loyalty business to discuss the issues and opportunities that the industry faces.

As the cover story of our forthcoming September/October issue shows, the 13th Annual Incentive Industry Roundtable covered a wide range of topics, from the end of the recession, to the impact of a multigenerational workforce on incentive programs, to growing trends in the reward market (such as the growth of digital gift cards), making merchandise awards more experiential, and incentive travel programs getting more international than they have in years.Save

Before the annual roundtable took place at the Convene meeting facility at 101 Park Avenue, near Grand Central Station, Incentive held brief, one-on-one video interviews with all the participants, focusing on the changes and challenges they are working with now, as well as those they foresee in the future, for the incentive industry.

This week, Alison Metcalfe talks about the challenges of planning for incentive groups with attendees with ages ranging between 25 and 65, as well as the trend toward experiential and authentic experiences, particularly for younger attendees.