by Deanna Ting | July 28, 2015

Coming up with a teambuilding activity that's not only fun, but also achieves your meeting or incentive goals and objectives, is no easy feat. But the following ideas might give your next meeting or incentive group the boost they need to build camaraderie, demonstrate leadership, encourage creativity, identify strengths/weaknesses, and bond together in the process. Here's a closer look:

The Song Slam by Song Division
Las Vegas-based Song Division is best known for its musical songwriting workshops, often held for as many as 3,000 people at a time. Song Division, which employs talented songwriters and musicians around the globe, has worked with organizations such as Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and American Express and has global offices in New York, Las Vegas, Sydney, Sao Paulo, and London. 

Recently, however, Song Division unveiled a new group experience for anywhere from 15 to 1,000 participants -- The Song Slam. Similar to a "Battle of the Bands," this group experience assigns five teams of up to 15 people who will write and perform an original song with musicians who've previously worked with Bono, Lauryn Hill, AIR, Joan Osbourne, and more. A panel of judges decides the winner. For a VIP experience, groups can also include a stretch Hummer pick-up and unlimited drinks.

"The Song Slam is the new, affordable teambuilding and client entertainment experience for smaller groups," explains Marsha Sharpe, director of public relations and marketing for Song Division. "It's like karaoke-on-steroids. It's not about having perfect pitch. It's about having a blast with your team or clients, being creative, being competitive, being outrageous, being a rock god … if only for a few hours."

Recently, Song Division held Song Slams in Las Vegas, London, Sydney, and New York. In Las Vegas, the five teams that competed in the Song Slam consisted of employees from Zappos, Aristocrat, R&R Partners, Digital Royalty and Pinnacle Entertainment.

LEGOs in Paris at the Hilton Paris Opera
The Hilton Paris Opera, a classic hotel in the heart of the City of Light which recently completed an extensive $50-million renovation, partnered with LEGO this summer for a number of new summer promotions, including unique, customized, and original teambuilding experiences for groups meant to spark creativity, discovery, and problem solving skills.  

Working with Dirk Denoyelle, a LEGO Certified Professional, the Hilton Paris Opera will offer a variety of teambuilding activities that include brainstorming, and creating a city or a company logo with the colorful bricks.

For "The City," groups of six to eight attendees each build a neighborhood of a city using LEGO bricks, and each group constructs a topic of interest for the city in their work. Later, all the neighborhoods are brought together by the whole group as one team in a way that makes sense, and each team presents their neighborhood in a relevant way.
For "The Mosaic," each attendee builds a piece of the "larger picture" which they cannot see beforehand using LEGO blocks. This larger picture can be decided by the company and could be a company logo or a meaningful picture. The finished mosaic can later be displayed in the organization's office or during the meeting or event.

The LEGO partnership s just one of many offerings available to meeting and incentive groups at Hilton Paris Opera. This fall, the hotel will also open a new meeting space, the 1,076-square-foot Bolero lounge.

Through Sept. 6, visitors to the Hilton Paris Opera can also view a LEGO exhibition of Paris' most famous landmark buildings and international personalities inside the hotel's Le Petit Bar & Le Grand Salon as well as Salon Baccarat, which includes a large-scale model of the Hilton Paris Opera, exclusively built for the hotel by Denoyelle. Visitors can also commemorate their visit by signing one of the bricks and contributing it to the exhibition's very own LEGO DUPLO wall.