by Alex Palmer | February 05, 2013
A new consulting practice from engagement firm Fastlane Communications offers to improve company performance and employee motivation by focusing on an organization's core purpose. Called Purposefire, the program promises to work with company leadership to help them get a clear sense of their organization's goals, from the foundation up.

“If I work somewhere that has a clear purpose, I'm more apt to walk around talking about how that's making a contribution to the world, to work a little later, and get excited about what they're doing as an organization,” says John Ryan, chief strategy officer for Fastlane. “But if I work somewhere that doesn't have that purpose, I don't know what to do or say about the organization, I don't know what to feel and need that defined.”

Purposefire aims to make this “contribution to the world” central for organizations in how they present themselves both externally through PR and marketing, and internally to employees. Fastlane's consultants draw on research and industry insights in their consulting efforts, helping executives think through their brand positioning.

As part of the launch, the New York City-based company released a 10-page ebook that outlines much of the research on which the Purposefire concept is based. For example, it points to a Harvard Business School study that found that organizations with a strong corporate culture enjoyed four times the revenue growth of those with weaker cultures. They also enjoyed stock prices that were 12 times higher than organizations without strong corporate cultures.

Ryan added that any kind of incentive program should be tied back to this purpose, with rewards offered for behavior that connects directly back to these organizational goals.

“Any kind of incentive has to tie into what you're trying to do for the world as an organization,” says Ryan. “Everything you do is an opportunity to repeat your purpose.”

The full eBook is available for download here