by Deanna Ting | October 02, 2014
In spring 2013, Nicole Collaros Ferros, an assistant marketing coordinator for Atlanta-based tech company BIAS Corporation, was looking for a unique group activity for her company's clients that would not only build relationships but leave an impression.

"We were looking for an event for our customers where we could get quality one-on-one time with them in a not-so-stuffy environment," Collaros Ferros says. "We wanted to bring about ten to 20 clients and ten people from our own team to have fun and build relationships."

Collaros Ferros decided to go with Xtreme Xperience, a company that travels the U.S. offering people the opportunity to drive a fleet of exotic automobiles, among them Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsches. Since that decision, BIAS has held three events with the company at a nearby racetrack about an hour outside of Atlanta.

"Xtreme Xperience travels the country with their cars and rents out the track for a week, and sells the driving laps," Collaros Ferros explains, noting that there are different two options offered. "One is to ride with an instructor who takes you at top speed around the track as pace car. Or you can drive and have the instructor ride with you, and coach you through the whole thing."

When hosting BIAS customers, Collaros Ferros books the morning slot so that it's private. The 8:00 A.M. start also allows Collaros Ferros to bring breakfast for her team, and the activity is concluded by 10 A.M., allowing everyone to go back to work and continue their day.

She says customers have been thrilled with the events, and that that she's had several repeat customers. "Everyone wants to talk about it afterward," she says. "It promotes conversation, and customers can look back and link BIAS with those memories."

The bonding experience of this activity is especially ideal for meeting and incentive groups seeking unique teambuilding opportunities, says Xtreme Xperience President Adam Olalde.

"Nothing helps a team come together better than adrenalin, and that's exactly what we provide," says Olalde. "Forget the formalities, strap on a helmet, and go test your skills. Afterward, everyone has the same, heart-pounding, experience in common, and that makes a great starting place for a presentation [and] teambuilding event."

The track experience starts at under $200. Experiences with four cars start at $699. Private half-day academies start at $1,999 and private hours are priced around $5,999 for about 45 people.

As much as price is a factor, safety is also a major concern, says Olalde.

"With the best maintained cars, smooth, safe racetracks, a classroom prior to driving, safety gear, and a professional drive instructor sitting shotgun the entire drive there's little to worry about," says Olalde.

Olalde encourages interested meeting and incentive planners to reach out to his team, as his company's offerings are flexible and accommodating.

"We generally don't say 'no,'" says Olalde. "Xtreme Xperience was custom built to accommodate every adrenaline enthusiast and our programs represent years of customer feedback. Whether it's more time on the track, more cars to test, or more difficult racetracks, we've made it happen. Just let us know what excites you and your group and we'll build a program to entertain you at a price that makes sense."

Of her first exotic car driving experience on the racetrack, Collaros Ferros says, "I'd never driven anything like this before; I was so scared. But it was awesome. I look at the picture of me driving that car everyday, and think, 'Wow that was just such a great event.'"