by Alex Palmer | July 28, 2016
Recently, employee engagement firm Global Engagement Solutions (GES) announced a new slate of mobile capabilities. These include a mobile app for GES customers, and a mobile-enabled engagement platform with a dashboard-style homepage that is responsive to whatever device is used. The firm is the latest engagement firm to double down on mobile technology, and with these offerings aim to make engagement and recognition easier and more widespread. Incentive caught up with Peter Psichogios, president of GES and author of the new book The Seven Personalization Principles, to discuss these new offerings, the advantages of mobile recognition, and where engagement is headed.

Incentive Magazine: How does the new mobile capability enhance GES's existing offerings? 
Peter Psichogios: The new capability provides the participants with the same user experience no matter where or how they login to the site. All the functionality of the desktop version is now activated for mobile devices. This allows for the same user experience consistent across all platforms. Leaders and employees can now make nominations and redemptions anytime, anywhere, from any device. Leaders and employees can also access their e-learning courses seamlessly through the same login without compromising the experience. 

IM: What gaps do you think it fills in the incentive market? 
PP: In the engagement and incentive market, recognition happens in the moment. By having a truly global, mobile experience, this fills the gap of previously only being able to give incentives and recognition at your desktop. We know this is not the experience the user desires. By having a flexible, multi-device platform that is both easy and intuitive to use, it increases utilization and engagement. 

IM: Can you describe how it works from the user's point of view? 
PP: The design of the GES organizational platform has been updated to feature a dashboard style home page and become responsive to any type of device used. The layout will re-arrange itself as the size of the screen changes, enabling participants to view the platform on any device, or any screen, without compromising the user experience.

IM: More generally, what are the benefits of mobile enablement when it comes to employee engagement and rewards/recognition? 
PP: The benefits include the capability to access the engagement platform to provide positive feedback and recognition anytime, anywhere, when the moment presents itself. It also now provides the flexibility to complete e-learning courses on any device when convenient. Further, all transactions that occur on a mobile device are always tracked, measured and retained for robust reporting capabilities by administrators, no matter where or how the participants are accessing the platform.