by Alex Palmer | October 08, 2018
When planning an incentive trip, extra "wow" moments are key. And one of the most effective ways to add a bit of unexpected excitement to a reward trip, meeting or any get-together of staff or customers you want to thank is to add a merchandise gifting experience. Participants choose from a selection of products like brand-name sunglasses, watches, headphones, or even blue jeans that they can try out and take a favorite with them. Or attendees can be given a choice of gifts, selecting one that can be sent directly to their home -- extending the excitement of the trip even after it is over.

On today's episode of Incentive: What Motivates, we hear from two experts from major incentive houses who have long experience with running these gifting activities. They'll discuss why these offerings work, how to arrange them, and how to bring the experience off without a hitch.

Mike McWilliams, vice president of marketing and client strategy for MotivAction, and Chrissie Walsh, account director for One10, offer case studies in effectively incorporating merchandise programs into incentive travel events and offer up tips on how to get the most from these memorable offerings.

Listen to the episode here: