by Alex Palmer | November 12, 2013
In order to help organizations think more strategically about their approaches to corporate gifting, marketing solutions firm Rymax Marketing Services has released tips for gifting best practices. The Pine Brook, NJ-based firm offered four key guides to selecting and providing gifts for clients and employees to ensure they have the most long-term impact for the organization.

The best practices, offered by Paul Gordon, vice president of sales for Rymax, are the following:

1. Understand the culture of your clients
2. Respect the parameters of corporate gifts with each client
3. Choose items that have a true value to the employee in their work environment
4. Understand the employee demographics

Gordon emphasizes that by keeping these points in mind, any gifts given will be relevant and impactful for the recipients, and also avoids perceptions of waste or excessive spending on the part of an organization.

“Corporate gifting has recently been viewed in a negative light in certain corporate cultures, and that is a critical mistake and misrepresentation,” he said in a statement. “Many corporations use it as a very useful long-standing relationship building tool to improve client relationships.”

Gordon suggests that customizing a gift for a particular individual or finding a brand-name product that is likely to appeal to him or her is key to making sure the gift is a good fit. He also notes that these gifting guidelines can encourage employee loyalty at the same time it helps a company avoid unnecessary expenditures. He maintains that the impact of proper corporate gifting is strong enough that it should be renamed “Corporate Relationship Building.”

“To be effective, organizations have to offer aspirational gifts and personalize the reward based on what makes sense geographically and demographically. Then they must align desirable and functional products against these criteria,” said Gordon. “Many of our clients offer a variety of items within tiered price ranges in order to give the recipient the opportunity to receive something that they truly aspire to have.”