by Matt Alderton | August 31, 2017
How satisfied hotel guests are with their stay might hinge on how engaged hotel employees feel with their jobs. So concludes workforce management software company UniFocus, which recently partnered with Best Western Hotels & Resorts to beta-test its Pulse Survey solution at select Best Western hotels across North America.

UniFocus's pulse surveys are brief employee surveys conducted throughout the year via mobile app, helping employers track employee engagement over time. When UniFocus compared Best Western's Pulse Survey results with brand-level guest satisfaction data, it discovered a 0.4 correlation between hotel employee engagement index scores and guests' intent to recommend a hotel to others. A 10 percent increase in engagement, it concluded, could therefore result in a 4 percent increase in intent to recommend, generating two to three additional rooms per night and an additional $70,000 to $100,000 in room revenue annually.

"We are constantly striving to increase engagement because we know that a motivated, satisfied workforce is essential to delivering excellent guest service. UniFocus' Pulse Survey gives us an important tool to measure that engagement," said Ron Pohl, senior vice president and chief operations officer at Best Western Hotels & Resorts. "Projections based on results of our first Pulse Survey have been enlightening and we anticipate that further analysis will corroborate these findings."

In addition to enterprise-level survey results, participating hotels received individual reports that highlighted their strengths and opportunity areas, along with recommended actions for planning, tracking, and improving employee engagement at their property.

Concluded UniFocus founding partner and CEO Mark Heymann: "As service organizations become more factually driven, there is a growing need for technology that translates employee perceptions into hard data, enabling management to identify and respond to key issues quickly in order to drive higher satisfaction and, ultimately, ROI."