by Leo Jakobson | December 19, 2017
Companies that support charities have happier and more engaged employees, a new study found. This is particularly true if they help their employees get involved in these charitable causes in the workplace, according to a recent study by a leading employee recognition and engagement firm. 

According to a survey of 1,020 employees from companies across the United States found that 71 percent of those who work at companies that organize multiple holiday charitable events throughout the holiday season believe "the purpose of their organization motivates them to do their best work," said Salt Lake City-based employee recognition and engagement firm O.C. Tanner in a statement yesterday. Eighty-four percent said they "believe their organization has a clear purpose," the company added. 

Given the strong impact an engaged workforce has on corporate bottom lines, "charitable giving is not often a key focus for a company, but it should be," said Salt Lake City-based O.C. Tanner in a statement yesterday. The reason is straightforward, the company added: by organizing these charitable opportunities for employees, a firm can align its own mission and goals with those of the people who work for it. The impact on workplace morale is also strong, with 57 percent saying these charity events had a strongly positive effect on morale. 

In fact, charitable giving by companies was up 3.5 percent in 2016, to $18.55 billion, according to Giving USA. However, that was not even 5 percent of the more than $390 billion Americans gave to charity that year. And giving by individuals was up nearly 4 percent. 

Finally, it should be noted that 37 percent said these events made them feel more connected to their company's culture. And perhaps not coincidentally, 36 percent said that their company did in fact organize multiple charitable events during the holidays.