by Michaela Christensen | March 03, 2017
Cirque du Soleil, the Quebec-based global entertainment behemoth, is exclusively offering VIP groups and corporate teams up-close-and-personal workshops with its artists in Las Vegas. SPARK programs are custom-built for groups and designed to educate and inspire participants by harnessing Cirque principals and best practices.

"Companies have been asking us for years how we manage to spark the creativity that you see onstage," says James Guilford, SPARK program manager at Cirque. "SPARK programs are our way to bring people into the Cirque world while also creating some of the most interactive and educational teambuilding experiences right onstage. It's our hope that SPARK will ignite innovation, thoughtfulness, and curiosity in everyone who participates."

Most recently, companies including Adobe, Kmart Australia, and Life Time Fitness engaged Cirque to create SPARK programs for their employees. Adobe team members learned choreography and put together a mimi performance on one of Cirque's stages. Kmart Australia hosted their managers in custom-built learning sessions. And Life Time Fitness rewarded top-performing employees with a hands-on experience and face-to-face meeting with Cirque artists who they later saw perform. 

Cirque is offering three types of customizable SPARK programs: Teambuilding Sessions, Experiences, and Notes.

Teambuilding Sessions are available for groups of 20 to 40. They include a meet-and-greet and photo opportunity with Cirque artists; instruction in circus arts by the company's artists, coaches, and choreographers; a live performance on a Cirque stage, by the group, with makeup, costumes, and props; and a ticket to a Cirque show for each participant. 

Experiences are available for groups of 50 to 300. The program includes a meet-and-greet and photo opportunity with Cirque artists; a one-hour immersive experience including an interactive presentation of the theatre's state-of-the-art technological abilities; discussions with the theatre team on how they make the show come to life each night; and a ticket to a Cirque show for each participant.

Notes will bring a panel discussion to a group, whatever the size, to a Las Vegas venue and offer an opportunity for participants to learn from experts at the company as well as provide a dynamic closing act performed up-close by the artists of Cirque. 

For more information on Cirque's SPARK programs, head here.