by Alex Palmer | May 11, 2015
Loyalty, engagement, and incentive firm Aimia has launched a new white paper series looking at ways to strengthen relationships with employees and channel sales people. Titled "Building Channel and Employee Loyalty -- Engagement Series," the group of four white papers breaks down the key components of an engagement program into the categories of Rules, Rewards, Communications, and Technology, with each report covering one of the topics.

"The series offers a comprehensive framework that helps to gain the maximum impact from a channel or employee incentive program," Kurt L. Paben, president of U.S. channel and employee loyalty for Aimia, told Incentive. "The papers explore the key cornerstones of a successful program and the critical elements needed to drive your audiences to higher levels of performance and greater loyalty to your brand."

The first paper, "Part 1 - Rules" was released at the beginning of May. It delves into what the report refers to as "The Power of 4," namely an understanding of a program's (1) objectives, (2) participants, (3) budget parameters, and (4) measurements of success. Offering up examples from industries including automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, and finance, the paper makes the case that clearly defining these four "rules" will ensure a loyalty program works effectively and in budget.

The full white paper can be downloaded from Aimia's website.

The papers will be released on a quarterly schedule, with the "Part 2 - Rewards" publishing at the beginning of August, "Part 3 - Communications" at the beginning of November, and the final paper, "Part 4 - Technology" posting the following quarter.

"These insights are especially important right now as program managers are consistently asked for success metrics and the return on program," added Paben. "While the papers will focus on the critical program elements, a concentration of meaningful measurement and analytics will be woven throughout all parts in the series."