Embracing Generation Flux

by Aoife Delaney, CIS | January 08, 2018
Is "Millennial" defined by age, or by a way of thinking?

IRF Study Looks at Award Presentation

by Leo Jakobson | January 04, 2018
Neuroscience explains why the way we get a reward can matter more than what it is.

How to Measure and Understand Employee Engagement

by Matt Stephens | January 02, 2018

Three ways to make more meaningful connections with your employees.

3 Tips for Engaging and Motivating Employees

by Kerry Alison Wekelo | December 21, 2017
Why empowerment and encouragement are central to a strong workforce.

Companies That Give More Get More, Study Says

by Leo Jakobson | December 19, 2017
Charitable companies reap the rewards of more engaged employees.

The Secret to Satisfied Customers: Satisfied Staff

by Matt Alderton | December 13, 2017
Benchmark CEO Alex Cabañas explains how happy employees lead to happy customers.

Using the Internet to Create a Strong Workplace Culture

by Amichai-Hamburger Yair | December 06, 2017
A psychologist explains how symbols, stories, and ceremonies shape a company culture.

IRF Study: You Can't Hide Your Lyin' Eyes

by Leo Jakobson | December 05, 2017

Biometric research shows that people prefer non-cash incentive awards over money.

Rethinking Room Gifts

by Miguel Campos | November 27, 2017

Practical ideas to increase effectiveness of promotional products.

Non-Cash Rewards and the New Competitive Advantage

by Melissa Van Dyke | November 10, 2017
Top-performing companies the strongest believers in the value of non-cash recognition and reward programs.

Incentive's 2017 Merchandise IQ Survey

by Leo Jakobson | November 06, 2017
Programs aimed at morale, loyalty, and saying thank you grew more common in 2017.

4 Employee Engagement Mistakes to Avoid

by Chris Powell | November 06, 2017

Feedback and training are two things that should not be skipped.

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