by Sarah Hill | August 31, 2018
There are numerous benefits to putting together an incentive travel trip for your employees -- it can help you motivate your staff to perform at their best, create a healthy competitive spirit in the office, and even strengthen the relationships between employees with the help of bonding experiences. 

But just because it can be great, doesn't mean that incentive travel always works out that way. An incentive travel event can fall flat as a result of short-sighted management decisions such as trying to cut corners or trying to learn on the fly rather than getting the guidance of incentive professionals. 

Here are five reasons why organizations can benefit from hiring professionals for their corporate event planning.

Better Value

Sure, the initial cost for event planning services may appear to be an additional expense, but an organization will soon enjoy overall savings likely to make the entire event cheaper than it would be otherwise. 

You see, experienced incentive travel agencies have a long list of contacts that they rely on for organizing events. These are usually business partners with whom they've worked with for years -- suppliers and venue owners who have proven to be reliable and who know exactly what it takes to provide a great experience for their clients and the incentive program participants. 

What's more, because of these long-lasting relationships, event agencies can take advantage special rates on services that are much cheaper than what could be offered in the open market. 

Experience in the Field

Having put together dozens, if not hundreds of similar events means that incentive pros have learned exactly what works and what doesn't and can offer the most suitable plan once they learn what the client wants to achieve. 

Instead of having to try and figure out how to achieve their corporate incentive travel goals, an organization can just sit back and watch as the industry professionals take care of everything for them. After all, incentive travel events are meant to provide employees with an experience they'll cherish for years, so everything must go smoothly. 

Venue Knowledge

If you're not an events planning professional, you're likely to have a tough time trying to secure a venue that's suitable for your occasion. The venue market can be ruthless, especially in bigger cities such as London, so you need to have the necessary experience to be able to distinguish truly good offers from scams preying on less-experienced buyers. 

What's more, even if you manage to find a reliable and trustworthy place, there's no guarantee it will be a good fit for your incentive travel event. Without the necessary experience, you probably won't be able to come up with a checklist that includes everything that your event requires. 

Stay Under Budget

When planning an incentive travel event, an organization would probably have a budget in mind that you would like to stay under. 

The problem is, if you don't have experience organizing similar events, it will be very hard to predict if there's any real chance of doing so without compromising the entire event. 

That's where experienced event planners can be so valuable.

After you tell them about what type of event you would like, they can provide realistic options based on your budget, or tell you where you could make adjustments in case they're needed to fit within the budget.

Having the security of knowing that your event will be organized properly and won't go over your budget is incredibly important -- if you blow through your initial budget halfway through organizing the event, that can put a severe strain on your efforts and might even force you to cancel the entire event altogether. 

Save Time

Finally, you can't underestimate how much time you'd save if you opted for a professional agency instead of trying to do everything yourself.

Planning an event requires experience and expertise -- without it, you're doomed to succumb to beginner mistakes and waste time trying to figure out the ins and outs of incentive travel. 

Without having the necessary contacts or even knowing how to come up with a comprehensive plan, you and your employees may struggle through the entire process, wasting time that could be spent on more productive business activities. 

Leaning on a professional event planning agency when putting together an incentive travel event can prove an advantage in many ways. 

Sarah Hill is a content writer at Seven Events Ltd -- one of the leading corporate event planning companies in U.K., providing conference and incentive travel, conference venue finding services, corporate teambuilding activities services across the U.K.. She started her career in the events industry almost a decade ago; as time progressed she became an avid event blogger sharing her insight on corporate event planning for several years.